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Green Clean Toronto

Thank you for visiting. We believe in offering excellent quality green services that support a robust and healthy environment. 


To us, this isn't just talking is hand on – it’s why we do business.

We're proud of our commitment to quality, and we're thrilled to be on a mission of innovation. We're focused on bringing these solutions to more of the community where we know our Green Clean services and program will be valued.


take a tour our site and uncover all of the many solutions that we can offer and customized cleaning packages

We're proud of our legacy of commitment to quality, and we're thrilled to be on a mission of innovation. We're focused on bringing these solutions to more of the community where we know our Green Clean services and green program will be a valued addition.


At Green Clean Toronto, creating a cleaner and better community and a more healthful environment is not just what we do; it's our entire reason for doing business.

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We are committed to honesty and reliable customer service. Our employees are well trained, fully insured and eager to exceed your expectations.

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Honest & Efficient Work

We are your one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs.

Fast, efficient and reliable, green cleaning has become very popular. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project.

We are committed to honesty and reliable customer service. Our employees are fully trained, fully insured and eager to exceed your expectations. We offer competitive pricing, flexible hours, fast response times and free quotations, which come with no responsibility to hire. when we are partner, don't be locked in a long contract

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide affordable, comprehensive and responsible green cleaning services to every client who wants a better and more healthy indoor air quality and environment to work in.


Equipment & Products

Equipment & Products

At Green Clean Toronto, we are very careful to inspect and regularly maintain our equipment to ensure the efficiency of use and soil removal that avoids spreading airborne allergens. Below are some of the items we use.

  Floor Scrubber Machine 

 Conserve natural resources using reliable technology for everyday floor cleaning or when you need it fast with perfection quality floor work. ​Delivering cleaning and performance, you can count on durable design and a suite of productivity-boosting features.
Backpack Vacuums
These machines are superb with getting into cracks, corners, crevices or any hard-to-reach areas. With their HEPA filters, they will remove no less than 99.97% of 0.3-micron diameter particles or more.
Microfiber Cloths
Much more absorbent than conventional cotton, microfiber is said to absorb over seven times its own weight in water. Additionally, they are lint free and non-abrasive. A variety of colors allow colour coding to restrict use to certain tasks, thus avoid cross contamination. They are also known to be much more effective at removing bacteria than conventional cloths.
Steam Cleaning
We use superior steam-cleaning systems. The water is placed in a sealed boiler and heated until it gets to the right temperature, forming a fine, dry mist. This steam vapour unit is unrivalled for its health and safety benefits.
Cleaning Vinegar
 you can clean almost everything in your commercial office and house

Cleaning vinegar it’ another solution that clean natural that helps health and environmental. 

It’s the best multi-purpose and powerful cleaning solution that clean green

You can make your solution for the necessary cleaning for: 

Floor cleaning, shower, tubs, romper strikes, prevent mould  

 Cleaning vinegar is active then the used for home salad dress coking 

Cleaning vinegar has five percent more acidities 10 % acidity and not safe for consuming with food 


 Not use cleaning vinegar for marble, and natural stone can remove the shine

Though you are not required to be certified to operate a green cleaning business, we at Green Clean Toronto maintain the utmost of standards just the same with Green Seal certified products. Green Seal and EcoLogo is a non-profit organization dedicated to consumer education on science-based sustainability, and they offer third-party certification in the interests of protecting the natural world and human health.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

We evaluate and purchase vacuums, mopping systems and microfiber cloths that are not only efficient but remove soil rather than just spreading it around or making it airborne

We provide environmentally friendly cleaning services.


Green Seal products provides us with all the information about products and safety. We do our best to uphold the security of our staff and customers.

Toronto's First Choice for Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

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