Our Advantage

Why choose us over other green cleaning companies? Following is a list of some of the reasons why — services available seven days a week with a guaranteed 24hr call-back response time.

Guaranteed Services Available Evenings   & Weekends 

Certified Professional Cleaners  -  Environmentally Friendly Cleaning  100% satisfaction

Guaranteed   Available Evenings & Weekends, 24 hours 

We can create a unique package for individual needs

Honest, Friendly & Reliable Green Cleaning Services

Our Advantage

  1. Standards upheld with outstanding quality-control measures.
  2. You have customized any cleaning service packages to fit your budgetary needs.
  3. Competitive pricing & next-day appointments with flexible hours.
  4. Affordable packages to minimize client expense.
  5. Satisfaction guaranteed – any errors to be correct at no extra cost.
  6. All programs safety certified by the third party. All employees subject to criminal background checks.
  7. Popular products, such as Green Seal & EcoLogo used.
  8. We are specializing in commercial flooring in dense traffic areas.

Cleaning product has this label as green cleaning safety to use as a green and result amazing.

Improved air quality with allergy-free, eco-friendly products make for a healthier environment, increased productivity and overall safety in the workplace. Non-toxic cleaners mean accident prevention and reduced risk of harm. No more fires, spills or explosions that come with hazardous products. You save money – no more expensive brand names!

Toronto's First Choice for Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

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13660 Midland Avenue East Suite #317

Toronto, Ontario M1V 0B8, Canada

Tel:    1 (416)  782 - 9660

Fax:   1 (416)  782 - 1527

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Mon - Fri 8am -5pm

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