What should I do with my floor – scrubber or stripping?

floor scrubber and with 3 coats wax
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floor scrubber and with 3 coats wax
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Surface Floor Stripping 

This is done to remove the old wax finish, and stripper solution; it's a very harsh chemical that removes the entire old wax build-up, black marks or any other floor damage. Application is very slippery at first and requires professional skill to apply. We recommend using a black stripper pad for this purpose. 


Surface Floor Scrubbing

This is a more gentle scrub that does not remove all wax completely, only one coat which helps to remove dirt and scuff marks on the surface. After this, you may apply 3 layers of wax finish to the surface in order to protect it.  

This surface floor scrubbing benefits your high traffic areas with the most damage. Green Clean Toronto can professionally clean your floors using this stripping wax or scrubber and then apply the wax coating for a new, protective floor finish that will help your floors look beautiful.

Floor Scrubber & Wax

Surface Stripper & Scrubber – Wax Floors:

What should I do with my floor, use a scrubber or stripping?

Here are the two main differences:

What is the difference between regular floor care and maintenance?

The difference between regular floor care, such as daily sweeping and mopping vs. using a water scrubber machine, is vast. When clients just focus on regular floor care by using a wet mop and bucket, the floor finish can still be dull (not shiny), regardless of how hard. you scrub and try to finish.

Green Clean Toronto specializes in high-traffic areas that need more attention, like where the wax has disappeared, or in special times of the year like winter when salt and high foot traffic have damaged the floors. 

Using a floor scrubber focuses on deeper scrubbing of the floors. The floor scrubber machine has the advantage that a brush motor with 175rpm. is used, and it includes a brown or black rotary brush pad which works hard to buff the floor.

In order to prepare the surface for this process, we use one or two layers of wax in order to focus on removing any or all of the following: Shoes scratching, black shoe rubber marks, floor discoloration, tar, etc.  Just cleaning and sweeping the dust, grease, soil, black spots or scuffing will not remove all the wax finish. Then, we re-coat the floor with 3 coats of wax finishing. After we scrub your floor you will have a new-looking, shiny floor... Plus, we use the best quality products there are on the market!


Our equipment for this task:


  • walking water scrubber machine 
  • Floor cleaning  machine with 175 rpm 
  • 3/4 HP 3 Speed Floor Dryer, Blower
  • Mop Bucket And Wringer Combo - Down Press
  • solution floor degreaser for deeper scrubbing for best results 
  • Our recommended brand of wax.
  • Signature® UHS Floor Finish

All our products are

Green Seal and Ecologo Certified

Benefits: of floor Maintenance 

  • Keep your floors clean and looking good for customers, ​clients and employees

  • Floors remain shiny for longer

  • Frequency of use depends on your needs and uses. We recommend using the floor scrubber in the areas with most traffic such as the cashier area, main entrances, receiving areas, etc.

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