Advantages of Going Green

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Green cleaning products and equipment do not hurt the environment. A trained professional is crucial to doing it properly. Air quality is not interfered with.

Our key priorities are the environment and human health. We believe in using third-party companies to conduct safety tests and other research when it comes to the environment and human health. This is one of the many ways we are committed to reassuring our customers that our products are safe.


Green Clean Toronto uses EcoLogo, and green seal certified cleaning and maintenance product line.

Washroom cleaning, floor care, disinfection cleaning disinfection


Cleaning surface is essential to avoid all kind of contamination by using microfiber cloth by colour


Doing for each service don’t mix the coloration to improve the high hygiene and performance cleaning one side of the fabric all flip over for each move and wash the cloth all ways in running water


Another green practice to remover soil and batteries by using microfiber cloths designer them for each specified location: by the colour door, tables, and desk green microfiber colour bathroom toilette red microfiber cloth sink walls partition, dispenses and wall yellow microfiber cloth see the chart below



We look closely on the washroom tissue and a hand towel as well we help our customer to choose the ecological paper product


Green clean improved air quality with allergy-free, eco-friendly products makes for a healthier environment, increased productivity & overall safety in the workplace. Non-toxic cleaners mean accident prevention & reduced risk of harm. No more fires, spills or explosions that come with hazardous products. You save money – no more expensive brand names!

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