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Green Clean Toronto provides complete cleaning and service packages with certified green products and equipment.  

Our number one priority is reliable service. We offer custom packages or plans tailored to your needs. And we have steadily built our reputable establishment by maintaining high standards.

All employees are trained to ensure that products are used correctly and that all operations are carried out properly and safely.


We want to help to building owners interested in caring for their properties responsibly. Becoming LEED certified shows you are committed to environmental leadership, and implementing the Green Clean program is one of the best ways to get started. We’ll immediately begin developing a comprehensive and eco-friendly cleaning plan for your company or residential building.

Good to Be Green

Protecting Indoor Air Quality

We are not merely a company that uses green products – we provide a complete green cleaning system.

 Whether your routine cleaning and maintenance needs are daily, weekly or monthly, we’ll accommodate with either a contract or on-demand services. Please request a complimentary consultation and a quote.

What We Offer

Business to Business

Ongoing schedule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to accommodate your unique needs. We are committed to quality customer service. 

 We understand how vital a clean appearance is to the perception and respectability of your business, and we take our work very seriously. 


Green Cleaning Services Program

A successful green cleaning program involves much more than just using “green cleaning chemicals.” It is an entire program that includes using the right equipment and procedures to minimize the impact on the environment. Proper training is essential so that processes are done correctly.

Office Cleaning

Our service includes:

Cleaning desk area

Dusting off file cabinets

Straightening floor mats

Shining glass walls & doors

Disinfection & sanitizing of all lavatory, urinals, partition walls, sinks & mirrors

Vacuuming carpets

Disposing of trash, cleaning garbage containers & recycling bins.

Wiping appliances



Disinfection and sanitization of all lavatory urinals, sinks, fixtures, baseboards and walls. Restocking of all designated supplies; window blind and mirror washing.

We respect your space and will treat security with the utmost importance: our crew will ensure all windows and doors are locked and any alarms set as per your instructions.


Whether your routine cleaning and maintenance needs are daily, weekly or monthly, we’ll accommodate with either a contract or on-demand services. Please do not hesitate to request a complimentary consultation and a quote. We understand how vital a clean appearance is to the perception and respectability of your business, and we take our work very seriously. Our past contracts have included:

  • Office complexes & buildings
  • Shopping malls & department stores
  • Automobile showrooms
  • Condominiums & high-rises
  • Warehouses & factories
  • Medical facilities & clinics
  • Schools & universities
  • Daycares & recreation centers

Our experience is vast – there is nothing we cannot do. We take care of all kinds of materials and building fabric including VCT tiles, ceramic, cement, division walls, internal walls, windows and antique glass, entrances and foyers and more. Our carpet cleaning includes hot water extraction, as well as spot and gum remover.

Commercial Cleaning


Cleaning construction waste is a laborious task. Construction crews can leave behind a mess that looks like a shipwreck but more than that, they can leave hazardous materials that should not be cleaned up by anyone with a broom and a dustpan. Safe disposal methods call for with the proper equipment, tools and approach. A real professional will clean the debris, leaving no trace of anything that may be harmful.

We Are Thorough

We dust and wash all surfaces and areas from top to bottom, including ceiling pipes, ducts, vents and light fixtures; we also vacuum carefully.

Hiring post-construction cleaning service much safer than doing it yourself, with building material and debris disposed of properly.

Doing it yourself will end up being much more expensive.

Our Service includes:

  • ​Floors scuff marks vacuum wet mop depends on a kind of level if applicable, tile sealer, concert sealer;

  • Carpet stain removal & vacuuming; sticker & plastic removal; 

  • Doors: frames, sides, tracks & baseboards;

  • Furniture debris removal, cabinet appliances, fixtures, countertops;

  • Desks & filing cabinets to absorb & remove allergens, dust & drywall material;

  • Stainless steel polishing.


Post Construction & Renovation Cleanup

Do not worry! We are committed to exceeding your expectations and leaving a dust-free environment, ready for you to move in to. We do everything. We'll even remove carpet stains, vacuum, and do a thorough dusting to absorb and remove allergens and drywall material.

Floor & Dining Area 

Leave the cleaning to us: floors, storage units, washroom facilities, and more. We’ll ensure your dining room ready to go for next business day!


Commercial  Floors Cleaner

When it comes to commercial or retail environments, clean flooring and carpets matter more than we think they do. Customers do notice, even if they don't notice they're noticing! Snap judgments about the integrity and professionalism of a business are made all the time based on subliminal impressions.

We specialize in commercial areas with heavy traffic, especially where salt (in winter) can do its damage. We'll use every resource available to restore your carpets and floors so they look like new. Water extractions, steaming and dry methods ensure the removal of any spots or gum.


Toronto's First Choice for Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

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