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Green Clean Toronto provides complete cleaning and service packages with certified green products and equipment.  Our number one priority is reliable service. We offer custom packages or plans tailored to your needs. And we have steadily built our reputable establishment by maintaining high standards.All employees are trained to ensure that products are used correctly and that all operations are carried out properly and safely.


We want to help to building owners interested in caring for their properties responsibly. Becoming LEED certified shows you are committed to environmental leadership, and implementing the Green Clean program is one of the best ways to get started. We’ll immediately begin developing a comprehensive and eco-friendly cleaning plan for your company or residential building.

Floor Scrubbing

& Waxing


Floor Cleaning

Floor Stripping

& Waxing

We offer cleaning services to businesses on an ongoing basis

- daily, weekly or monthly - to accommodate your unique needs.

What is the difference between regular floor cleaning and floor surface floor scrubber and wax?

Floor stripping and waxing is an essential step for every commercial business storefront. 



Clean Up


Green Cleaning

We will provide you with a comprehensive checklist for post-construction or renovation clean up.

Commercial floor cleaning is always crucial for keeping your environment respectable and safe.

Restaurant Cleaning

& Sanitization

We understand how vital a clean appearance is to the integrity and respectability of your business, we take our work very seriously.


We are committed to honest and reliable customer service. Our employees are well trained, fully insured and eager to exceed your expectations.

  1.      Outstanding quality

  2.      Customized cleaning packages

  3.      Competitive prices

  4.      Next-day appointments

  5.      Flexible hours.

  6.      Satisfaction guaranteed

  7.      All of our employees are subject to background checks.

  8.     Reputable products

Toronto's First Choice for Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

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