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 Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services in Toronto

We understand how important a clean appearance is to the integrity and respectability of your business and we take our work very seriously.

Areas we take care of:

  • Restrooms

  • Breakroom

  • ​Exterior

  • Entrance, Stairways (Sweep)

  • Floors

  • Resilient/Tile – Restrooms (Sweep,

  • MopResilient/Tile (Buff)

  • Resilient/Tile (Strip/Wax)

Our service includes:

  • Trash (Empty, Replace liners as needed)

  • Ash Trays, Urns (Empty, Damp Wipe)

  • Drinking Fountains (Clean, Polish, Sanitize)

  • Dust Desk Areas, Tables, File Cabinets, Sills

  • High Dust (Vents, lights, blinds, items on walls)

  • Low Dust (Chair & table legs, desks, cabinets)

  • Cleared Desks, Tables (Damp Wipe)

  • Light Switches, Phones (Wipe, Sanitize)

  • Push Plates, Kick Plates (Damp Wipe)


  • Baseboards (Dust, Clean)

  • Clean Elevators (Doors, Walls, Treads, Vacuum)

  • Stairwells (Dust, Vacuum)

  • Push Chairs into desks, tables

  • Shut designated doors

  • Clean Sink, Countertops, Tables

  • Wipe Outsides of Appliances, Vending Machines

  • Straighten Chairs and Tables



We respect your workspace and will treat security with the utmost importance according to your specific requirements. Our cleaning crew and janitors will ensure all windows and doors are locked and any alarms set as per your instructions.



  • Carpet (Vacuum)

  • Mats (Vacuum)

  • Detail Vacuum (edges, hard to reach areas)

  • Windows

  • Interior (Wash)

  • Exterior (Wash)

  • Doorways (Wash)

  • Office Glass (Spot clean fingerprints

  • Lock Entrances, Exits​​​

All our products are

Green Seal and Ecologo Certified

Janitorial Services

We respect your space and will treat security with the utmost importance: our crew will ensure all windows and doors are locked and any alarms set as per your instructions.

Disinfection & sanitization of all lavatory urinals, sinks, fixtures, baseboards & walls. Restocking of all designated supplies, window blind & mirror washing.

Our Guarantee

  • Outstanding quality

  • Customized cleaning service packages

  • Competitive prices

  • Next-day appointments

  • Flexible hours.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • All of our employees are subject to background checks.

  • Reputable products