Post Construction and

Renovation Clean up

Post Construction and Renovation Cleanup

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We do clean construction outside and inside the site

Clean on remove all construction leftovers and debris and dispose of the material appropriately. Besides, it is possible that in the first phase construction crews might leave behind a mess that looks like a shipwreck need more than a simple broom and a dustpan to clean up.

Properly cleaning up a construction or renovation site needs a real professional to clean all debris, who will be able to clean the premise in one going

With our knowledge and skills, we will emphasize cleaning your place, be it a restaurant, an apartment or any other space that needs cleaning, as each area needs different attention and emphasis on sanitation.

We will provide you with a comprehensive checklist for post-construction or renovation clean up.




All our products are

Green Seal and Ecologo Certified

Some importance of hiring a post-construction cleaning company for your place site please see if we can help in your project

post-construction for design interior

for construction contractor

  • Quick and efficient service

  • time saver - post-construction cleanup by yourself will end up being much more time than hiring professional services

Importance of for individual cleaning  need 

  • Clean Windows frames, vacuum trackside in and out if accessible  

  • Dust furniture, debris removal and cardboard plastics,  

  • clean floor scuff marks, wet mop,

  • Gabinet vacuum and wipe with microfiber in and out cloths

  • Appliances and countertop use microfiber cloths

  • Cleaning inside desks & filing cabinets to absorb & remove allergens, dust & drywall material.

  • remover all steal protection and polishing.

Our Guarantee

  • Outstanding quality

  • Customized cleaning service packages

  • Competitive prices

  • Next-day appointments

  • Flexible hours.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • All of our employees are subject to background checks.

  • Reputable products

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