Cleaning & disinfecting COVID19 - SARS Cov-2

We all know the coronavirus is quickly spreading worldwide by the hour. Here are some tips for reducing the chance of spreading and preventing the COVID 19 disease. Cleaning and Disinfecting are essential to fight this disease. An indispensable tool for manual cleaning and disinfecting an unrestricted area is personal protective equipment (PPE): mask and gloves. Step 1. Clean using microfibre cloths with warm water and detergent to remove and all soil from the surface does not kill bacteria, germs, or fungus. It depends on the chemical used that you can do both cleaning and disinfecting at the same time. Step 2. Manual disinfection After cleaning with detergent and warm water, apply a disinfectant containing a chlorine compound, hydrogen peroxide, or other chemicals out there, always following the manufacturer’s instructions. In order for the disinfectant to kill the bacteria and fungi, and inactivate the viruses, the surface needs to be wet with it from 5 to 10 minutes, closely following the manufacturer’s instructions. There are some chemicals that can do both services In one. The automated innovations to disinfection include robotics and artificial intelligence for application to the cleaning industry, using electrostatic sprayers, foggers, triggers, misters, foamers, pump sprayers and ionized hydrogen peroxide. All of this depends on the individual budget. All along, attention must be paid to all high-touch, high traffic areas, and the floor can get done manually with microfibre cloths or with automated equipment, as mentioned above. Time must be taken to go around and inspect the work.

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