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Restaurant and bar cleaning dining  area

ready for next business day dining area

It is easy enough for restaurant staff to collect dishes and mop the floors. However, a rigorous cleaning service that ensures adherence to health and safety standards is quite another story, and that is why you are looking for professionals. Cooking utensils, storage units, washroom facilities, grills and appliances – all need regular inspection, and our crew is more than up to the task. We’ll also ensure to leave your dining room looking brand new.

We tailor all packages to accommodate the unique needs of each client. You will not be forced to use

services you do not need, or go without ones you do. Our packages can include:

  •  Sweeping & scrubbing floors

  •  Vacuuming & spot removal on carpets

  • Disinfection & sanitization of all lavatories

  • Washing of walls, entrances, bars, tables & chairs

  •  Thorough cleaning of food preparation areas

  • Restocking supplies

  •  Dusting hard-to-reach spots & ceiling fan blades

  • Garbage & recycling disposal