Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Services

For the retail store, we offer the complete cleaning package one-time service, a daily, weekly and monthly basis and affordable price we bit 10 to 15% any price on the market in the cleaning industry
We can take of your facility that will be ready for business the next day as part of our commitment to you
It is essential for every business that has a storefront or has high foot traffic. clients and customers will notice how clean, shiny and safe your flooring
We specialize in commercial floor areas with heavy traffic, especially where salt (in winter) can do its damage.
• We have and use every cleaning resource available to restore your floors so they look new.
• We have all equipment, mop, sweep, buff, polish, strip and wax, deep scrubber– whatever you need it.

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Our Full Services – Floors Cleaning Program and Stripper and Wax

Hard Floor maintenance Services

  • a-Floor Stripper and Wax

  • b-Floor scrubber and wax

  • c-Carpet cleaning

  • c-Floor Burnishing

a-Floor Stripper and wax

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)

We’ll professionally remove all the old wax buildup, use the floor stripper solution

clean the surface of your floors, then apply a new coating of wax which leaves a fresh, protective floor finishing

c-Carpet cleaning and spot remover

On carpet, we use hot water extractions, steaming and dry methods that ensure the removal of any spots or gum remover.

Three coats of wax high gloss Diversey Signature Ultra High Speed

Diversey Signature Ultra High Speed (UHS) Floor Finish has an unsurpassed "wet look" gloss, excellent durability and dirt release characteristics. It features a ready-to-

d-Floor buffing

may referring  to shine the floor with wet look the polishing remover the dullness fo the floor this services can be done hardwood floor and vct tile and residual cleaning of

To burnishing rany or  polishing mya prafer term, floors require a higher speed machine electrical ou propane machine to produce maximum wet look and shine.

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Create a clean, healthy work environment tailored to your needs. 

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