Floor Stripping & Waxing

Floor stripping and waxing

when your floor need stripper  and wax again?

lose the  layers of wax special in the hight traffic area  become dirty and stain that is the time ti prepaer take of your floor if the floor has not protection you may lose all the protection and water go thuth the better tiles may need repair if take to long

It's essential for every business that has a storefront or has a high foot traffic area. Entrance, main aisle, cash register and exit of the store, clients and customers will notice how clean, shiny and safe your flooring is during the process. 

Floor stripping and waxing is an essential step in commercial floor care. It generally is required once a year but depends on factors such as foot traffic and location.  


vinyl floor striped before the wax

Vinyl floor stripped ready for fist coat of wax

Floor finished  waxed  after stripped

Floor waxed with three coating

Floor sample with wax

Floor wax with first quote wax and ready for the second quote

floor striped before wax

vinyl floor no wax add

floor waxed

floor finish wax with three quotes of wax ready to use it

floor stripper

Floor stripped and cleaned removed all loose debris ready for the first coat of floor finish wax

Terrazzo floor  hallway

hallway terrazzo floor

Terrazzo floor

Terrazzo floor stripper and wax

Vinyl floor stripper and wax

Retail storefront vinyl floor stripper and with three coats wax



floor stripped and wax

Floor finish with three coats of wax and ready for traffic move in

Floor stripped

Vinyl Floor stripped and no finish wax

Linoleum floor wax

Linoleum Floor stripper and wax for low low maintenance carefree floor finish

retail store floor stripper and wax

floor waxed with three coating

Floor Stripper and Wax Floors

Maintenance Program


Low Traffic:

  1. Vacuum and wet mop daily with a neutral floor cleaner

  2. Burnish or spray buff once a month

  3. Strip and wax once a year


Moderate Traffic:

  1. Vacuum and wet mop daily with a neutral floor cleaner

  2. Burnish every two weeks

  3. Clean and burnish every three months

  4. Scrub and recoat every six months

  5. Strip and wax once a year


Heavy Traffic:

  1. Vacuum and wet mop daily with a neutral floor cleaner

  2. Burnish weekly

  3. Clean and burnish every six weeks

  4. Scrub and recoat every three months

  5. Strip and wax every six months

Application of stripper, sealer, and finish.




Our Floor Treatment Applicator Qualifications:


Our   Company specializing in performing work more 10 years experience

 Our Stripper Applicator Crew depend on the size of the job being request

 from 2 to  Four-man crew, one (1) to apply solution ahead of the auto scrubber, one (1) to run auto scrubber, two (2) with mops and buckets to pick-up dirty solution residues behind the auto scrubber and rinse floor prior to applying the finish.

We Supply detailed instructions for maintaining, preserving and keeping clean, surfaces of this work, and give adequate warning of maintenance practices or materials detrimental to floor treatment after work is done





A. Stripper:  Attac Stripper, by Diversey Lever. MSDS SHEET

B. Finish:  Signature High-Performance UHS Finish by Johnson Diversey. And MSDS SHEET

C. Thermo Gloss Plus Floor Finish by Rochester midland. And MSDS SHEET


 Use the following equipment to perform any size of vct tile

 One automatic floor scrubber 2. Two or three side-to-side slow speed buffers. 3. Five black stripping pads. 4. Five buckets with wringers. 5. Six mop head and handles.  Soak new mops for 24 hours. 6. Two clean dust mops.



Dust mop entire sales floor and remove gum, tar, glue, scratches and stains. from the floor 

We recommend Stripping should not commence for a week or more after installation of tile to ensure that tiles are laying flat and are fully adhered to the substrate.

For the best floor result we recommend.  Burnish floor 24 hours after final application

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