Cleaning Price Range Estimates by Space Size*

Basic cleaning price 

The cost for commercial and office cleaning service can vary based on the following factors;



How often do you require services?

This is important because discounts are offered when office cleaning is more frequent.


Square footage

It is important to know the size of your space to better determine how many hours of office cleaning are required.

How many employees spaces hold/have? Office cleaning takes up more time when you have more employees. 

Additional Tasks required 

Additional tasks can take up more time or maybe less in the event you do not need something that is included in standard office cleaning.

Note* depending on the size of your space the price difference between once a week office cleaning service v. three times a week office cleaning service may not be to far off. Discounts in the overall “per cleaning” price are offered when office cleaning service is more frequent.

Green Clean Toronto is your one-stop cleaning solution for your facility. With a trusted reputation with 16 years of excellence, we’re the leading executive cleaning service in the GTA. We’re also well known for using only Certified Green Products to reduce chemical hazards and maximize resource efficiency.


Our premium cleaning services and packages are specific to your requirements as customer satisfaction is our first priority.  Our highly professional team provides you with the best quality green cleaning services always giving excellent customer services satisfying your needs, always consistently reliable on time and on budget.


To personalize our excellent cleaning services, we require a site visit to estimate the costs on an hourly basis, and the number of employees required. Your property will be examined and measured for the number and size of the rooms.  


These are estimates for one day of cleaning, but we always offer cost-saving packages. We can clean once, daily, twice or three times a week depending on the unique needs of your building:


Talk to us today for details!

Office  cleaning and maintenance services prices range
clean space Usually, we will perform a site visit to walk-through and make a determination about how many employees will have to utilize and the expected length of the job by looking at the number of rooms, room types and square footage. They then break down the job by the hour to provide a total price to our customer.
Basic Office and janitor services per cleaning  

Less ~ 400 sq. ft

$80.00 - $112.00

400-580 sq. ft

$112 - $118

580-1200 sq. ft

$118 - $142

1200-1600 sq. ft

$142 - $152

1600-2000 sq.ft

$152 - $162

*For bigger areas please contact us.

Floor Stripper and Wax per  Square footage

Less ~ 400 sq. ft

$290 - $350

400-500 sq. ft

$350 - $550

500-800 sq. ft

$550 - $750

801 -1000 sq. ft

$750 - $950

1001-1350 sq.ft

$950 - $1215

*For bigger areas please contact us.

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