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Do you need a floor cleaning surface and maintenance program?

Floor cleaning and maintenance It is essential for every business that has a storefront or has high foot traffic. clients and customers will notice how clean, shiny and safe your flooring is.

For the retail store, we offer the complete cleaning package for all sizes one-time service, a daily, weekly , biweekly or monthly basis with affordable price we will bit 10 to 15% conditions may applying any price on the market in the on floor cleaning daily basis.

We specialize in commercial floor cleaning areas with heavy traffic, especially where salt (in winter) can do its damage to the floor.

Do you have a general floor cleaning program in hand or a recommendation from the floor manufacturer? If you do not don’t worry , we are more than happy to help you create a floor cleaning program and serve you?

Contact us today and get your floor cleaning tomorrow.

We take care of all type of facility floor cleaning and maintenance system affordable in Toronto GTA and beyond hardwood, vinyl, vinyl composition tile VCT, Laminate, asphalt, ceramic, linoleum, rubber, carpet.

We going to describe the vinyl composition Tile - VCT most common in most places’ hospital warehouse retail store, offices. School … vinyl composition tile VCT tile.

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Our Full Services – Floors Cleaning Program and Stripper and Wax

VCT Tile maintenance programs include

  • regular floor care 

  • Periodic cleaning and maintenance services

  • floor  stripper and wax maintenance

The first step is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will help ensure the warranty of the floor and save time and money by eliminating unnecessary and save money

Regular floor care

care ongoing routine daily, weekly by weekly and monthly basis, this process

is removing dry soil, dust, dirt that bring on shoes from outside that some

area needs more attention the other

Periodic floor cleaning and maintenance for VCT tile

Required floor both services spray buffing process or high-speed burnishing to restore a gloss of the shining of the floor and reveal looks beautiful and remove any scratches and dirt

It depends on the high traffic the area may require this service more often.

Floor scrubber and wax

remove soils and duty that may have become dullness lost the shine off the floor most of the high traffic area the buffer does not bring back the result and desire of the quality of work that point require deep scrubber and recoat its depend on the high volume of traffic location

The scrubber-and-recoat restore the beauty of the floor looking shine easy to fresh and clean

Floor stripper and wax maintenance

When the floor required a stripper? When the o other methods of floor maintenance mention above do not work does matter how hard you were trying to clean does not bring the cleaning desire expectation

That point needs to restore the entire floor

Then need our technician expertise and knowledge what to do

Use stripping solution aggressive floor pad to remove soil, duty, old wax, maybe require to repeat two or more time until the floor its clean 100% of soil and old floor finish.

After that, finally, the floor is ready to apply a new layer of wax finish

This process required once a year or depended on high traffic area

Why green Clean Toronto

Commercial and retail floor cleaning

As a full-floor training technician, we have vast experience and knowledge to restore the shine and ongoing and maintenance cleaning of your floor vinyl surfaces looking tremendous and shine.

We have all the cleaning and maintenance programs: Flexible services schedule 24 hrs.

That includes ongoing process complete cleaning package we take care all your cleaning need

Floorcare expertise and troubleshooting guide

The benefit you will get help:

· Regular inspections person available to solve emergency requests.

· committed to provid the best customer service to resolve any outcome

· Over 16 Years of hand on of experience in the cleaning industryproviding

· Local, full Licensed, Bonded & Insured

· The price is excellent and open to negotiate

· 24/7 Cleaning Service

· Localy family owned & Operated

· 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

· Over 16 Years of hand on of experience in the cleaning industry

· Free Estimates & Consultations

· We’re a proven leader in the field, creating floor ranges of all sizes

· We can take of your facility that will be ready for business the next day as part of our commitment to you

Floor cleaning planning tips to achieve a high appearance of the looking best  of the floor

Services package includes:

· Regular Daily routine and maintenance

· Dust mopping sweeping floor and vacuum

· Floor clean with Auto scrubbers machine floor drying fast

· Floor maintenance Low-speed buffing for the best shining

· Floor maintenance High speed burnishing quickly and efficiency and quality work

· Interring floor care maintenance scrub and recoat floor protection

· Restoration floor care - stripper and wax

Floor Troubleshooting guide cleaning and maintenance

Contact Us Today for Your Green Cleaning Needs! 

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