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Post construction clean up

Properly cleaning up a construction or renovation site needs a real professional to clean all debris, one who will clean the premises in one go. It is possible that in the first phase of construction, crews may have left behind a mess that looks like a shipwreck, requiring more than a simple broom and a dustpan to clean up! With our knowledge and skills, we will ensure that your construction or renovation site is cleaned and adheres to the utmost standards of sanitation and hygiene. We will provide you with a comprehensive checklist for post-construction or renovation clean-up.

Clearing construction waste is a laborious and daunting task fraught with risk. Construction crews can leave a mess, but more than that, hazardous materials should not be cleaned up by anyone with a broom and a dustpan. Safe disposal methods are necessary with the proper equipment; these situations call for it. A real professional will clean the debris while leaving no harmful material traces behind.

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Our Services –Post Construction & Renovation

Our construction clean-up services include:

Thorough Dusting on walls- baseboard, light switches and sockets, all door and windows parts washing of all surfaces from top to bottom;

· Dust & mold removal from ceiling pipes, ducts, vents, light fixtures & more

· Carpet stain removal & Vacuuming;

· Commercial Floor scrubbing, stripping, washing, buffing & waxing with safe, eco-friendly products

· Cleaning inside desks - remove allergens, Dust & drywall material;

· Stainless steel polishing

· Cleaning of all windows, walls, glass & picture frames

· Careful inspection of all surfaces to remove any leftover toxic substances.

· Debris removal, floor swept, floor vacuum and floor washing

We will make ensure that our job done and finished on time requested

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