Office Cleaning

Green Clean Toronto is here to serve all of your office cleaning need and requirements, including disinfection and sanitization of cubicles, carpets, lavatory urinals, sinks, fixtures, baseboards walls, restocking of all designated supplies, window blinds and mirror washing.

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Our Services - Office Cleaning

We respect your space and will treat security with the utmost importance - our crew will ensure all windows and doors are locked and any alarms set as per your instructions.

  • Cleaning desk area

  • Dusting off file cabinets

  • Straightening floor mats

  • Shining glass walls and doors

  • Disinfection and sanitizing of all lavatory and urinals, partition walls, sinks and mirrors.

  • Vacuuming carpets

  • Disposing of trash, cleaning garbage containers and recycling bins.

  • Wiping appliances

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