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Office Cleaning

Green Clean Toronto provides top-quality eco-friendly cleaning solutions to offices cleanings and requirement in the greater Toronto Area. Office cleaning is essential for any business, as it helps to create a
healthier environment for all employees and staff.

Furthermore, it can help to boost employee productivity and is beneficial for maintaining a professional image. Our cleaning protocols can help to ensure all employees can have peace of mind while at the office, knowing them surroundings are clean and sanitized.

We prioritize the cleaning of shared spaces, such as main offices, break rooms, meeting rooms and washrooms.

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Our Services - Office Cleaning

We respect your space and will treat security with the utmost importance - our crew will ensure all windows and doors are locked and any alarms set as per your instructions.

Office Cleaning may include:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces

  • Carpet and floor care

  • Window and glass cleaning

  • Cubicles, meeting spaces, kitchenette, break room, washrooms

  • Cleaning desk area

  • Dusting off file cabinets

  • Straightening floor mats

  • Shining glass walls and doors

  • Disinfection and sanitizing of all lavatory and urinals, partition walls, sinks and mirrors.

  • Vacuuming carpets

  • Disposing of trash, cleaning garbage containers and recycling bins

  • Wiping appliances

Why Green Clean Toronto?

Our eco-friendly office cleaning service is customizable depending on your needs, and we offer

a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of office cleaning. Furthermore, all the

products we use for office cleaning are Green Seal and EcoLogo certified, minimizing our harm

to the environment and ensuring you have a truly ‘green’ experience. Read more about Green

Clean Toronto’s eco-friendly services

Create your customize cleaning package! conatct us today!

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