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Complete Janitorial cleaning

Green Clean Toronto offers high quality, 'green' Cleaning for restaurants and bars in the Greater Toronto Area.

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential factors in running a bar and restaurant.
There are many areas within these types of environments that require a regular cleaning or deep cleaning regimen. It is challenging to manage and run a restaurant, let alone clean it to perfection after every service.

Green Clean Toronto aims to provide a professional eco-friendly solution for both the front and back of the house, including but not limited to the dining area, furniture, all surfaces, windows, floors, bar area, kitchen areas, POS systems, service stations and washrooms. Using our 'green' services will ensure that both employees and guests will be able to wine and dine in a clean, sanitized environment, minimizing the spread of bacteria or pathogens in the least harmful manner.

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Our Services – Janitorial cleaning

Our janitorial services are thorough and include:

· Cleaning & sanitizing all surfaces

· Maintain and clean all washrooms

· Garbage collection

· Restocking of all designated supplies

· Window, blind & mirror washing

· Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, buffing, refinishing & polishing of all floors

· Cleaning garbage & recycling bins

· All Vacuuming & dusting of all surfaces.

· Cleaning of all elevators, stairwells, entrances & foyers

· Wiping down of all appliances, machines & air conditioning vents

· Disinfection of doorknobs, telephones, light switches & keyboards

· Cleaning of kitchen or lounge areas including microwaves, toasters &

· refrigerators.

· Of utmost importance: our crew will be sure to follow your instructions.

Why Green Clean Toronto?

Our eco-friendly office cleaning service is customizable depending on your needs, and we offer

a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of janitorial services. Furthermore, all of

the products we use for janitorial services are Green Seal and EcoLogo certified, minimizing our

harm to the environment and ensuring you have a truly ‘green’ experience. Read more about

Green Clean Toronto’s eco-friendly services

We respect your space and will treat security with the utmost importance: our crew will ensure all windows and doors are locked and any alarms set as per your instructions.

Contact Us Today for Your Green Cleaning Needs! 

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